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Why we built Spike? An alternative to PagerDuty and Opsgenie you will love 💙

First things first - we are starting to write our thoughts on 🎉

Incident management for dev teams is a slightly confusing term. The core of the term is managing incidents properly.

We think of incidents as an issue that will or is currently affecting your customers to use your product. We understand that no matter the size of your business, this affects you

A simple overview

Before Spike

  1. Incident occurs
  2. 😡 frustration mounts
  3. Contacts support (or you)
  4. 🤷‍♀️ they have no idea why this happened
  5. You 👩‍💻 identify there is an incident
  6. Get back to support or to customer
  7. Customer's wait time for resolution begins ⏳

After Spike

  1. Incidents happen
  2. We alert instantly via phone call/sms
  3. You resolve them
  4. customers stay unaffected 😇

Most other players are majorly focused on Enterprises.

When you build for enterprises your product becomes bloated with tons of features for customisations and loose ends that it becomes difficult to use if you are not an enterprise

Spike is built on simplicity and reliability at it's core and completely focused on SMBs.


No really, how do you focus on simplicity?

  1. Making it easy to use
  2. Designed for dev teams
  3. Building features that our customers will actually use


This is expected from every product you use but it's kinda rare.

  1. No fake promises to seal the deal
  2. No charging based on number of incidents or alerts
  3. No constant pings to upgrade your plan. We only have plan
  4. Cancel your plan with a click of a button
  5. Your data is yours, privacy is super important.

Flat pricing

One plan for the entire platform with access to all features makes a lot of sens to us.


  1. Benefit from the entire platform
  2. Unlimited integrations. Monitor for incidents across the entire platform
  3. Unlimited alerts. Imagine not getting alerts when your customers are affected only because you need to upgrade... Yikes!!
  4. Stop guessing your bill at the end of the month

No matter the size of your business, when incidents occur they affect your customers.


Yup! We are bootstrapped. We have a small handful of paying customers over the past couple of months.

No VCs, no pressure translates to 👉 focusing on customers and growing at our own pace

More about us 👉 🌏Spike, Twitter

Quick note -
We will continue to share our experiences on tech and product as we grow Spike here. Let us know what you would like to hear.

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