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Congrats! It's not a fairy tale... it's more like a unicorn. :-)
My last team was that rare unicorn where the manager had deep technical know-how combined with excellent people skills, and the entire team were smart, hard-working, respectful, nice people. We got a ton of work done and had a good time doing it, and then... layoffs. :-(
So, it can happen (rare though it may be). If you have it, enjoy it while it lasts!

It didn't last long :( Between 80 hour weeks and micromanagement I lost all the enthusiasm and well-being I had started off with (I had previously worked for this firm for 3 years and had recurring issues with being overworked and feeling taken advantage of on a regular basis).

Took some time off to figure out what I want out of my next job and it was awesome, or would have been, had I been able to do it for longer. My financial situation is not that great right now, nor has it ever been, so I went through all of my savings very quickly. But if all goes well, I will have secured my dream job by next week! There's a lot of jobs out there and I don't have to say yes to the very first one I come across.

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