What do you need to know to get into Data Science as a Beginner?

Pushpa Sree Potluri on December 04, 2019

Data Science is a combination of Programming & Statistics, so to be a data scientist you need to have knowledge of at least one programming lan... [Read Full]
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without formal training, look at the metrics that matter most to your task/EBITA/time, and find a way to improve this metric. etc, uitilise the tools that are accessible to you, g sheets is fine, if you can learn to move business units you're valuable ...

this is a fun and fast an easy way to get into data metrics


Pushpa I have completed Data Science Courses from DataCamp and IBM but due to being an Electronics grad, I am unable to find a Data Science Job. What do you suggest to me?


Focus on showing your skills to employers. Build a portfolio of real-world projects to prove your competency. Hope it helps!


Do you know of any degree programs that teach the skills needed to get into data science?


Check out coursera or edx. Both offer online masters degrees in data science from top universities, without the requirement of having a CS background.


I'm not sure of any degree programs that you can attend, but udacity have some great nanodegree programs udacity.com/school-of-data-science if you like! I hope it helps!


"diagnose the problem"

what kind of problem? Do data science encounterm

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