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Discussion on: Why your website should work without JavaScript.

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Alice Ruppert

I like the accessibility points and I do actually know people who turn off their JS. How do you still make things interesting and what are those common workarounds you've used with HTML and CSS?

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Patrick Charles-Lundaahl

I would guess a lot of this depends on what kind of site/app you are building, and what the value is that it provides to your customers.

I don't know what percentage of people this applies to, but I don't visit websites (or webapps) for their interesting UIs - I visit them for content (in the case of websites), or some concrete value (in the case of apps - Evernote, Google Docs, etc.). In either case, I would prefer the UI do as little as possible. Things like fade-ins, slide-out sidebars and hover-cards are fun to build, but as a user, I would prefer you skip the animation and just show me the content (otherwise it's just increasing the time I have to wait before I can get to the value I'm trying to get to).

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Nathaniel Author • Edited on

You can do some really wild stuff just css β€” Stephanie Eckles site blows my mind.

One workaround I did was a css+html dark mode toggle, i wrote a post on it