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It was 1982, 4th grade, and three Commodore PET computers were wheeled into the classroom. We were given very basic instructions on how to load program (games) from the attached tape player. I played a game of worms. My life changed, school had a reason, but sadly we only got to use the computers two or three times that year and had no experience with programming. Further I don't recall getting to use them at all in 5th grade. By 6th grade I was in a new school, they had a small computer lab in their library with 5 Tandy TRS-80 Model III computers networked in a "Star" network. We actually could send emails between the computers in the network and write simple basic programs. Later that year my best friend also got a TRS-80 Color Computer for Christmas (totally different computer from the Model III). From then on it was only a matter of time before my parents relented and invested in one for the family. Fast forward to today, and I'm reasonably adept at database programming.

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