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Discussion on: 7 uncomfortable truths about being a developer.

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Scott Simontis

I spent most of my 20s burning myself out trying to prove myself better than everyone else around me and all it did was destroy my character until I reached a point where I wasn't comfortable with who I had become. I worshipped money and success above all else.

It finally occurred to me that the majority of people in the world are average and are incredibly happy to be so. There's always going to be developers smarter than myself. There's always going to be tasks I could have solved in a more elegant matter, but regardless of what happens, it is up to me to be happy with where I am at and grateful for the path I have chosen.

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Amelia Vieira Rosado 🐣✨

Glad to see you have recovered from that crash. Wish more newbies could see this comment. So many are brainwashed by hustle p0rn these days....

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Harlin Seritt

Hustle p0rn lol that's a good one :-D

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Nefo Fortressia • Edited on

Hustle pwn, what's that... Lemme check on Google... Oh, is that glorification of overwork?

remembers at what time I get to sleep when I'm coding

Oh, help me...