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There was so much I could have gained at university had I applied myself. There were semesters where I didn't go to class unless there was an exam that day and courses where I didn't even open the textbook until two days before the final, proceeding to learn the entire course in 48 hours straight. It was a challenge to see how little effort I could exert and still get by until my senior year, when all of a sudden I didn't have a solid grasp of the prerequisites for my final few classes.

I ended up dropping out and briefly doing something entirely unrelated to computers (emergency medical technician). I came back to programming after a few months; I moved back in with my parents, learned ASP.NET MVC and got myself a consulting job.

I missed out on a lot of opportunities at university. I got a chance to work on a research project with embedded systems and I half-assed it when I could have built the connections to study a part of computing that continues to fascinate me. Lots of networking opportunities missed. Lots of life experiences which take place outside of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and CoD BlackOps that I totally missed out on.

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