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Discussion on: 13 things I learnt in my first year leading a software team

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Scott Simontis

I only got a chance to be a team lead for six weeks earlier this year...the environment was so hostile and toxic I was randomly missing work to try and make them fire me...but that's a story for another day.

With #5, I think I would sum it up as know what motivates each member of your team and what work can help them follow that path.

With #13, I like the mantra move fast and break things with stable infrastructure.

Embedded software is hard, hats off to you for growing to meet all of the challenges! My first job was working with transportation-industry devices which would these days be considered IoT. I loved having a bunch of gadgets wired up across my desk and being able to solder well and the satisfaction of wiring up a digital sign and making it display your message for the first time. I never finished my degree, and I have found that a big barrier to getting into the embedded sector again. It's still a hobby now, and maybe it's better that way because I only take on projects I enjoy!