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re: As an occasional perpetrator of such offences, usually because I've been buried in the specifics of a domain & it's language for a while and ha...

You hit a key point though, that jargon is the specialized language of a community of some sort. A lot of times, it's primarily occupation-based, but even the slang of subcultures could be considered jargon.

I think it is why all efforts to create a universal programming language that anyone can use will fail. You can't represent the jargon of every possible occupation in a generic manner, and a lot of occupations aren't interested in a DSL because they already have an effective way to encode their information. Well, maybe not effective, but a method nonetheless.

See I have so much respect for you saying that. We are all going to use terminology in a way that may leave our conversation partner confused, but it's about wanting to help them learn either way, even if we have to change up what we say. Props to you!

And jargon is expected. It's just realizing that it's ok to know always know what they are saying and just to ask! You're right when you say there is just to many difference to just create a universal language. You add in how people learn and view information differently and it makes it unique to each person.

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