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I don't think I've seen any conclusive evidence that proves that TDD is a more effective methodology yet. It gets a lot of praise from influential figures in the industry, but to my knowledge, there's no scientific evidence or empirical data that proves it.

And even if there is a link, could it be that devs who are apt to practice TDD tend to be more productive and efficient developers in the first place? I think whatever method helps you understand and codify the logic of your problem domain should be pursued. For me, that isn't TDD, I will generally switch from top-bottom to bottom-top design and reasoning repeatedly until I start to form a hierarchy.


Excuse me for the late answer, but here it goes:
My best advice is: try it for yourself. I was skeptical also until I had the oportunity to try it in a real project. In any case, here you have an study of three projects form Microsoft and one from IBM: microsoft.com/en-us/research/wp-co...

Regarding your question, most probably TDD particioners are more productive in the first place. I can agree with that, they devoted lots of hours learning and practicing the technique. But isn't stability in the code the main factor to achieve high-performance when writing code? So, as long as you cannot prevent changes in the requirements, therefore changes in the code, which other techniques gives you that stability that helps to improve your productivity?
Anyway, not trying to change peoples believes here, nor force anybody to a dogma, use whatever works for you, period. Not all humans are the same, impossible to be all equal.

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