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Discussion on: 6 new habits I’m building to level up as a junior developer

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Scott Simontis

That's a lot of self-awarenesa after just one year, mad props for realizing those conclusions! In addition to PRs, I would encourage you to go to co-workers before you start coding and share your design with them. I think that's where I learned the most: figuring out how our Enterprise architect envisioned a problem vs my perception and learning why we can't to different conclusions.

Since you've demonstrated self-awarenesa, apply it here as well. See if you can put together why co-workers think the way they do. Some people get so absorbed in programming they forget about the user. People who have lost a business venture before tend to be very risk-adverse. Some people just parrot whatever they read about online.

You have your entire career ahead of you. There's a lot of things I wish I would have done differently over the past seven years of my career and coding more is not one of them. Definitely find something that fascinates you to tinker with, but it sounds like you're on a good path. Burnout is very really and it sucks ass and hopefully you don't get to know it as well as I did.