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re: 1 - i would like to use it in my job, can you recommend me books, online courses about? 2 - even with a short deadline is possible keep using TDD?...

Hey Leandro,

1) I would recommend Kent Beck's book on TDD, entitled "Test Driven Development: By Example" —I don't want to include a link to it, as I fear people will think it is an affiliate link. The book is black and purple. That is the one I read when I was just starting out. It is structured like a giant tutorial with code that you should actually type in.

If you want to start using it at your work, then you should start. However, I would recommend a timebox—setting a limit—on how long you fight to test something. If you can't immediately figure out how to test something, don't spend hours on it—unless your employer is okay with that—just say, "If I can't figure it out in 20 mins, I am gonna move on." As you get more experience, you will be able to tackle those harder to test classes or functions.

2) I personally never act differently near a deadline. I want to remain calm, and not reactive. If I believe a process is worthwhile, I will do it as much as possible.

3) Could you rephrase this question? I am not sure what you mean.

Thank you for the questions!

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