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Sukhpinder Singh
Sukhpinder Singh

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New Switch syntax with C# 8.0

Microsoft has launched newer syntax for switch expression starting from C# 8.0. Switch statements must produce a value in each of its case blocks. Switch expressions allow us to use extra compact expression syntax.

With new syntax are fewer repetitive “cases and break” keywords and fewer “curly braces.”

As an example, consider the following enum with a collection of the colors:

public enum Color {


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Old switch syntax

switch (c)
  case Color.Red:
      Console.WriteLine("The color is red");
      Console.WriteLine("The color is unknwn.");
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New Switch Syntax — RECOMMENDED

New switch syntax advantages

  • The variable name comes before the switch keyword starting syntax.

  • The distinctive order makes it simple to recognize the switch expression from the switch statement.

  • The “case” and “:” elements replaced with =>.

  • The default case is replaced with a “_” character.

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Richard Ikin

I use the similar style Java switch as it's just nicer. I'll definitely be using this on my next C# project.

ssukhpinder profile image
Sukhpinder Singh

Yes indeed & its more cleaner..!!