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Discussion on: What's your use of Raspberry Pi?

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Stacey Adams

I have a few Pis around my home office.

  • The first is an original model B: an ISS tracker, complete with LEDs that light up when it's overhead.
  • Another original model B is a private git server, for code repos that I don't want hosted anywhere else, and as a backup for my public repos.
  • I've got a model 3B that I've turned into an arcade console, complete with custom joystick case. I went this route rather than building a cabinet so that I can plug it in to my 43-inch 4K TV.
  • Another model 3B is a Cardboard version of a Google Home box.
  • I'm in the middle of setting up a model 3A to act as a NAS server to host my 8TB external drive.
  • I plan on turning a Zero W into an animated name tag, with the addition of a three-color ePaper display and USB power bank.
  • My 4B-4GB card is set up as a desktop environment for simple code development. It will probably also control my 3D printer.

Finally, I have a few Zero W boards that I give away at hackathons. I think I'll turn one of them into a PiHole.