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Discussion on: Learning Code While Working a Full Time Job

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Stacy Montemayor

I really like the coding log idea. I'm super fortunate because I only have to work a tiny bit while learning - so learning is my full-time job, but it's still hard to see where I've been, how I've progressed, and what exactly has brought me to my current place.

I have been maintaining a spreadsheet that high-level tracks what courses, projects, etc. I've done (with start and end dates). But, it's not really doing it for me. As an example, this week I went back to a little crash course on Ruby that I had tried to start about five weeks ago - I had stopped doing it because it was so challenging that I was getting really frustrated. But, the last two days working on it again - suddenly I am able to successfully write each part of the exercises usually on the first or second attempt. And each time I run the code I'm SO surprised that it works! And, for the life of me, I can't understand why it's suddenly so much less challenging. (I've mostly worked on front end learning over the last five weeks...) I think a daily log would help me to understand how my learning is progressing.

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Bennett Dungan Author

I like your idea about the spreadsheet to record what courses you've taken. I've gone through quite a few tutorials and having a dedicated spreadsheet to kinda pair with my coding log might not be a bad idea.