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Discussion on: My Terminal Setup: iTerm2 + Zsh 🔥

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Stacy Montemayor

Thanks! I like his style too - I'm going to check out other videos.

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Caius Citiriga • Edited on

You're welcome!

The guy speaking is Jeffrey Way. One of the most advanced Laravel's users. He's even a Laravel contributor for what I know, along with Taylor Otwell who's the actual creator.

Btw, Laravel is a PHP framework (a pretty robust one tho!)
On Laracasts you can find a lot of videos on Laravel of course, but there are a lot of other topics that doesn't concern the framework and still can be very helpful.

Like: Git me some version control, or "stand back i'm going to try regex", vue2, flexbox etc.

Some free some under subscription. But still, the free material has the same quality as the paid one.