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Discussion on: Cloudflare replaced reCAPTCHA with hCaptcha. I followed their example. It took me 18 min.

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Stan Bright Author

Technical John, did you spend the time to read their business model?

They are not giving you "money" exactly. They are giving you some crypto tokens :).

OK, as far as I'm aware, they are not selling analytical data. What they are selling is "micro human tasks". For example, you are a business and need some data categorized or images labeled by real humans. You can reach out to hCaptch and use "their services" to get the work done. The work is done by people solving captchas.

As I can see it, they are offering free captcha service, they are not selling user data but rather "user work", and they give you a share of the money they are making. It seems like a fair deal. I might be missing something though.

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Technical John

I understand that they are different from Google. I'm just providing a little criticism that I hope can be taken in a constructive manner.

Boil down both companies to a generic statement, and they are both using you for their own benefit, while providing a service as well as a bonus incentive from one of them.

Now, is one more acceptable than the other? Depends on your opinion really. So my suggestion is to consider less "bad vs good" and focus on YOUR reasons, and YOUR success.

I definitely appreciated you sharing your opinion on the service, as well as the run through on how easy it is to switch!