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Funny story: My best friend worked at the company and gave me a referral. I nailed the phone interview. When it was time for the development test....I was stuck. I realized that I didn't know as much about HTML and CSS that I thought I did. I called him like 5 times in a one hour block. Finally, he decided to "alley-oop" me the full developed site.

When it was time for me to develop my first site, it was HORRIBLE. It was for a cleaning company. I took a picture of a broom, used it to separate the header and body, put a name in the top left corner, three links to the right of that, and a big block of content under the broom. BOOM! It was a masterpiece. My boss looked at me like I was crazy and stuck me on banner ads only for 2-3 months.

I spent that time reading, learning, practicing, inspecting website's code, bugging my friends and new coworkers and just consuming a lot of development stuff. By the end of my time at that company, I was one of the best web designers (yeah, we were called web designers back then) on the team. I left there and two companies-7 years later, I became a beast that still reads, learns, practices, inspects website's code, bugs developer friends and new coworkers and overall consumes a lot of development stuff.


I love how you just plunged into the unknown and worked up to the top of your craft. Practice makes better, you're the living example.


Thank you! Yeah, that's all it takes. Time and dedication. A very cliche statement but it's true.

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