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HOLLY SHIT! THIS is exactly what I'm talking about. Nothing like an exciting post to get my morning even better.

Ok: if you detail what frameworks/libraries and tools you've used in our project, we can measure if you have certain knowledge. And of course: if you're coding projects to practice them, great, seems you're learning. But man... we're talking about the real world. And in the real world we build software for people. We try to make their lives easier. People don't care about how all this shit is done, as long as it resolves their problems.

Do you know React? Do you know Angular? I don't give a shit! Can you feel the company's energy? Are you excited to start changing the world with us? So that's what matters. The rest can be taught, but spirit... nah, it can't.

Of course that's just my opinion and it doesn't mean the absolutely truth. But that's how I see it.

Lovely post, Scott. ;)

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