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re: If you are starting a new website, consider using Hugo VIEW POST

re: Well, the staticsitegenerators list linked above is a good starting point. Greatness is highly subjective though, as everyone has different needs. ...

Wow, that is a great list.

I already heard about Pelican and Grav, and they are pretty popular, according to the number of stars. They were brought to my attention by the Lobster community, but I haven't had time to explore it yet. I never heard of Coleslaw.

I am already familiar with Jekyll, Hexo, and Middleman, and I even wrote an overview about them:

Thank you for bringing the attention to other frameworks, too.

I never heard of Coleslaw.

You should try it. I wrote two plugins for it. :-)

edit: Yup, we talked about Pelican there.

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