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I don't understand these kind of posts. Every year we hear, how complex JS has become.

With all due respect, for me such posts always sound arrogant and portraying authors as people, who hope to never learn anything in their lives anymore, or believe that they've had their share of learning already, and just want to keep working 9 to 5 building primitive web pages, sprinkling them with JavaScript.

Noone forces noone to use frameworks or anything.
But the thing is – browsers evolve, they provide more and more features for developers to explore, allowing us to build more complex and powerful interfaces.
And businesses want to explore this opportunity.
Simple static websites simply cannot provide the same UX as a real web application. It solves completely different problems.

Browser is the most popular cross-platform solution, and if it's possible to use this platform to build something, that was previously only available on desktop, then why not take this opportunity?
Take a look at Figma, for example, is it bad that we have such an awesome web-service today?

Of course, with the progress of the web, the problems that web-developers face evolve as well, and every new framework tries to solve these problems in its own way.
Of course, we could still be using jQuery for everything, but it is just not that convenient than, say, React, when working on really large projects.

I also want to remind that HTML and CSS evolve as well. New properties and attributes appear every year, new specifications arrive, and personally I am very happy with it. There's an infinite number of possibilites to explore, and for a long time already frontend is not a single area, but many-many different domains. Anyone can find something of interest – animations, 3D graphics, complex web apps, Web Audio etc.

Don't take this personally, please. I just want to encourage everyone to keep learning new things, dive deeper into JS and others fields of web dev.

This forum is great for the purpose, by the way.

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