re: How 4 lines of Java code end up in 518772 lines in production. VIEW POST


This is an interesting experiment you did there and yes it shows some downsides. We also use something similar to Snyk to manage our dependencies. This actually an important point also for JS/npm or other tools.

But it’s a trade off as always. You could mentioned a couple of the positive aspects as well:

  • Reduced boiler plate code
  • Reduced risk of security issues in boiler plate code. I saw people configuring servers and HTTP clients wrong so often.
  • Improved development speed
  • A production ready application with HTTP server, monitoring endpoints. If you create all that code by hand in Java or any other language, you’ll create a buggy and vastly insecure application for sure.
  • The fact that we use code developed by others is actually also a pro itself because it’s open source, developed by people collectively much smarter then we are and tested by millions in production.

That said, I can sleep very well with the 518772 lines 😉

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