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Discussion on: Tips For Validating HTML Form Inputs

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Jan Wedel

I think the type field is very important to allow the browser to also enter cached autocompletion data as well as allow accessibility.
However I would advise against using custom regular expressions und pattern field.
E.g. the password should just be very long, it doesn’t need a lot of special characters. This is just frustrating for the user. Same goes for phone numbers, I’ve seen so many form fields where I couldn’t enter a standard compliant phone number that just drives me crazy. Especially when the form just says it’s invalid but not why.

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Nedy Udombat Author

Thank you @stealthmusic . The regular expressions in the article are just for the purpose of explaining what the pattern attribute does. Using a title attribute can help tell the user what to input in cases where the platform wants a certain type of data.