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Discussion on: 🎉5 Dev skills that will boost your salary in 2020

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Jan Wedel

I was thinking a bit, if „new emerging technology“ equals „salary raise“...

Here are a few meta-thoughts and questions apart from specific items of your list:

  • new technology is used first by newer companies and start-ups that tend to pay less than larger existing companies that stick to know tech stack.
  • Are those technologies really an indicator for high salaries in general?
  • I would not suggest people to learn stuff in their spare time just with the hope of getting more money. It should be the other way around: A company should pay trainings for employees to learn new stuff that is useful.
  • I’ve seen a lot of „emerging technologies“ disappearing after one or two years. So don’t bet all your savings on that
  • apart from that, it is always good to expand knowledge by learning new stuff and starting with one of those technologies mentioned in your article is probably not a bad idea 🤗
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I'd say only learn something if you can somehow apply the knowledge (right now or in the foreseeable future) ... otherwise I'd call it hobby and not a professional investment.