re: The M in JAMstack is for Markup, not Markdown. Content is meant to come from the API portion of the stack.

Yup, It's my mistake in the M portion of JAM stack.

For why I said content is your markdown files and other files are that you normally create content in markdown.

Then your static site generators then convert it into an API or GraphQL endpoint which they consume it during their build process to create HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Besides that, as you had mentioned content could come from API as well depending on the API source you use.


Markdown is one way to manage content within the JAMstack, but is by no means the only way and I think it’s important to clarify that.

I think in most cases, people are not using markdown. Yes, many tools like Jekyll and Gatsby can be utilized with MarkDown files for content, but I think most people making JAMstack sites are using headless CMS’s and other APIs (so less tech savvy people can manage content) and grabbing the data from them either at build time or client side, and in some cases like Gatsby and Nuxt, both.

It might be worth an edit to make more clear that the possibilies of JAMstack are not limited to static site generators and markdown, but can also be accomplished with headless CMS’s, external apis, and SPAs/PWAs!

Yes that's correct I had updated the article thanks for the help :)

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