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re: I have a question. After going through the interview, would you prefer to email them to follow-up your status for employment(is it a red flag or ...

I would usually send an email to thank them after an interview and a follow-up email after about 3 days to either continue the interview process or thank them for giving me an opportunity to have a interview with them.

For me, I usually would not work with recruiters unless it's through my own network that has provided a referral that I trust or they are employed in the company that is hiring.

As their incentives are similar to a salesman who is always placing candidates (closing) which their commission is derived from.

They do not have any incentive to be nice to you unless you are placed into that company.

Work directly with the company through your own network and spin the plate with multiple recruiters.

If you don't believe it you could take a look at Recruiter Lies by Joshua Fluke that talks about it in detail.

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