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Discussion on: How to become more productive using Makefile

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Štefan Jarina • Edited on

Small updates:


Fabric was used for this in it's 1.x version.

Since version 2.0 Fabric was split essentially into 2 packages with separate functionalities:

  • Fabric 2.0 - now used only for remote shell/commands using ssh
  • Invoke! - task execution tool & library extracted from Fabric 1.x into it's own library

There is now another tool, that is generic and can be used for many languages, it is even cross-platform

Haven't used it though, in most cases I go with language native solution and if there is none, I usually either:

  • still write Makefile if only linux/mac/docker/kubernetes is needed
  • use Powershell 7 if I need it to run on MAC/Linux/Windows