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re: I checked postBuild, but it doesn't really feel like it's the right place to run tests. I mean I want to have CI pipelines triggering different job...

What you're saying makes sense to me. :) For projects that are more complex than my own site, I think going with a "classic" CI provider makes more sense. The engineering teams at my company use CircleCI paired with Netlify and they're pretty happy with that. That said...

Actually I'm thinking about building something like Netlify, but instead of building the whole site, you just send all your static files

I'm not sure if that's needed if you can chain and combine CI providers with Netlify etc. :)

Nice with someone with a different opinion! =D In my experience combining Netlify and CI environments works mostly fine, but I've had problems with

  • Multiple build environments. Sometimes the build works in CI, but not in Netlify or vice versa. Bumping node version, etc requires double config change.
  • Running e2e, lighthouse or something else after the site has been deployed isn't possible. I've created a small PoC of a bridge to solve that, but it shouldn't be that tricky.
  • It's illogical that the site is built two times. I'm building my site in the CI env to run packtracker and then it's built again in Netlify. Of course I can run packtracker inside Netlify, but then it starts getting messy with no separation of concerns.

I see. :)

Yeah, I'm not very deep into the topic, but I can def imagine that there are many little details that make it trickier after a first look. I bet your three problems are only a few. 🙈

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