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Thanks for the article Nick, big respect for your level of experience and insight applied here!

I like to do rapid prototypes and I've written a number of "tiny" monolithic applications, so what I'm about to write is a gut reaction based off where I am in my journey (devving for 15 years, pro for just 6):

The first version of a product (call it an MVP, whatever) is probably small enough that it can - by some stretch - be thought of as a microservice. Future developments to the product make sense either as extensions to what that service does or as new services.

My point is that if you sit down and start writing cloud-first code in today's PaaS climate, you'll write something that is not far from a microservice itself.

In fact, recently our team was writing an offline server-to-hardware integration (totally not cloudy at all) and we ended up building a number of services around an events queue as if by accident. No cloud! Perhaps there is a natural pull towards SOA as a sensible infrastructure in a wider variety of cases than we expect? (Link for the curious)

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