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Discussion on: A quick death by slow releases

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Sten Author

Thanks for the feedback! I think it's worth making a distinction between releasing a feature to customers and the act of deploying it to production. You can use a feature flag to hide something from customers until it's ready and in this case, I agree that it can take a few weeks or a few months before you make it available to all users - there are a lot of valid reasons to control the rollout of new capabilities even when they are technically ready.

But I'm a strong advocate of deploying code early and often. When changes accumulate in dev or staging then the cost of deploying to production increases exponentially. My main argument is that if the act of deploying, and the subsequent act of releasing require a significant coordination between teams and individuals then it is ultimately hurting the business, on top of being a source of stress for individuals. Of course, this supposes that you have a good suite of tests to catch regressions.

I don't think that we're in much of a disagreement but I just wanted to clarify my perspective: deploying should be done often, and releasing (making a feature available) can be on demand.