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Discussion on: Are you on Clubhouse yet?🗣 📣

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Stephanie Handsteiner


(Currently) this app is a nightmare in regards to privacy protection.

For starters you're forced to share your whole address book with a company you barely know. Considering they're creating shadow profiles for every contact in the book that not yet on the network, it would technically also need the approval of everyone in that address book, because it's their data that is being shared with them.
That's a nice collection of data that you can gather here. Name, phone number, mail, ... everything a contact has saved about them in their address book, plus the number of address books you're in.

Germany's high court, for example, even has ruled in 2016 that Facebook's former practice of doing (almost) the same as ClubHouse is strongly going against the country's law.

Also having audio samples of your voice lying on some server from some company you barely know somewhere in the USA sounds like a very good idea, especially since the app is free to use. 👌
They state, they'll delete the files after the room has ended and no one has made a claim on someone in there for saying something that is against the terms, but how do you know that they do in fact delete them? Again, you barely know this company, can you really trust them?

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