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Discussion on: I rebuilt my portfolio🌻 Now it loads in 1.6s 🎉 Here's how I did

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Stephen Irving

You can preload image and javascript assets as well. Another suggestion for optimizing is to create image sprites for small images like icon sets or logos or other images that are small and similar or limited in color palette. Lots of npm packages that can help you with that, but easiest for people just starting to make them is one of the online generators like


Another good optimization regarding images is to make sure the images are not only sized correctly, lazy loaded and/or spritified, but also that the individual images have been fully optimized. Again, lots of npm packages for that, but easiest for beginners is to use a GUI application like FileOptimizer, which I think is very good. Can download that here:

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Saurabh Daware 🌻 Author

Oh, these are some really helpful tips! Thank you so much I will check them out :D