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Discussion on: Good Bye Web APIs

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The frontend and the backend communicate with the Deepr protocol. For now, you can send Deepr queries manually (like you would do with GraphQL) to solve the n+1 query problem, but in a near future, I'd like to implement sugar to make the operation easier.

Nice. This make sense. Deepr looks very similar to GraphQL. Does it mean it has the same "problem" with client side cache resolution? e.g. when you have list of objects and then you update one of them, you need to have resolution otherwise update won't be represented in the list

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Manuel Vila Author • Edited

The cache problem is out of the scope of Deepr, but Layr (which is built on top of Deepr) partially solves this problem with an identity map. So, all object updates should be automatically synchronized. What remains to be solved though is the case of object additions or removals in collections. For that, I need to add the concept of query subscriptions. It is on the road map but it is not an easy task and it will take a while to be implemented.