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Discussion on: Quiz: is this a programming language?

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stereobooster Author • Edited

You seem to have a version of the definition which is yours but it doesn't match the industry definition.

So you claim there is "the industry definition". I wonder how we can get a definition of that kind. Was there an industry wide vote or something? I missed my invitation.

Just to prevent: If you gonna use quote from Wikipedia as proof. This is not an industry wide definition. This is just a definition of website called Wikipedia.

There is no such thing as industry wide definition. There are people who believe in one definition and people who believe in another. For example Professor Brailsford thinks that HTML is declarative programming language

Peter Van Roy has a separate category "Descriptive declarative programming" which includes XML, S-Expressions HTML also would be in that category

That is why I'm asking for a definition. I'm trying to understand your logic. But for some reason you try to prove me wrong instead of explaining what you mean

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Médéric Burlet

He explained plenty what he meant and you ignore half of his text. Even the official definition of HTML which classifies it as a markup language by its own creator was ignored by you 😂

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stereobooster Author

HTML which classifies it as a markup language

I said it before. There is no proof that markup language can't be a programming language as well. What about Postscript?

Here is another definition of a programming language:

A programming language consists of (1) a syntax, given as a formal grammar; and (2) a semantics


Just to remove this argument about "official definition"

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Médéric Burlet

Why you keep changing the subject we are talking about html and not postscript not brainfuck not javascript.

Waste of time I'm going back to blocking you. If you can't even read a simple rfc which is written by the creator of the languages then clearly you have ko will to learn.

Peace out