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re: My first job. I'm still working for this company. To get find a new job in Turkey, really hard. The economy isn't good. So, I have to stay here ev...

Oh that sucks. Keep trying, it is not that much English as you can think. Did you apply to US companies? Europe maybe a bit easier


No, I didn't. But I also need self-trust. Everything is the same, I know. I'll do what I do here anywhere in the world.

Every jr developer wants work for big companies. I just want to join a good team.

I hope, I find a good company for remote work. Actually, the relocation would be good.

That's my aim, too. I'd love to just be a part of a good team with a variety in skill sets so we can grow with one another.

Good luck! You've got this.

Maybe someday we work together :)

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