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Discussion on: What Makes You a Great Programmer on The Team?

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People are the same for sure.

  1. Treatment to people who you know and who you don't is different. For people who you know you would assume better intentions first (unless you know this is a bad person). For a stranger you can assume bad or good intentions depending on the mood
  2. Meida (online vs onsite) is different. Online doesn't transmit emotions (or poorly transmit if you use emojis and gifs). Onsite you can read emotions from body and face.

In onsite communication, devs might pretend to accept criticism and not indulge in rebuttals

If somebody hears critics N times and accepts it and changes nothing it's good reason to fire them, isn't it?

the form of passive aggressiveness or some other behavior which might fall within the accepted range of social conduct in workplaces.

this is called sabotage. As soon as this will be discovered everybody on the team doesn't want to work with that person anymore, there will be consequences, like transmitting to different team or firing.

As well somebody who gives critiques can be wrong. If nobody wants to hear their critique, probably something wrong with the way critique delivered or with the reasoning.