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re: Closures aren't pure FP. Lambda calculus has functions with free variables. Here's the Haskell definition of a closure: wiki.haskell.org/Closure

I tried to find the source for this definition (which I remembered myself, but wasn't sure where I got it from, probably from exactly this wiki). Interestingly nothing else refers open lambda term as closure. In every source that I met closures are treated as implementation detail of lambda terms🤔.

(I agree that closures are "functional", this is lambda term + environment)

Not sure what you mean, even the Wikipedia entry on closures relates them to free variables in LC:


Yes it uses free variables. My question is closure ≡ open lambda term (open lambda term - the one with free variables)? Because from implementation point of view closed lambda terms can be closures as well.

(This is just some thoughts out loud. Not questioning your comment)

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