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Discussion on: How knowledgable you are about React? See common mistakes people make

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Mike Bybee • Edited on

I've had surprisingly good luck with boot camp grads, quite often better than grads from some of the best CS programs (it helps that they're not wasting a year or more learning Java if they're going to be FEDs, or loaded down with more work for core classes than major classes), but I largely attribute that to personal drive, "spend it like it's your own money" mentality (critical with bootstrapped startups), and higher likelihood to self teach (possibly due to the camps not going deep enough or, as I conversely hear sometimes, the way some of them make students "drink from a fire hose"). If the obsession over degrees weren't so awful when I was trying to break in (and it's still pretty terrible), and boot camps were as widespread as they are now, I might have opted for one instead of all the time and money I wasted on college.

With complete hindsight, though, I would have just saved the money all but completely and spent all that time self teaching, perfecting my portfolio and lighting up the crap out of my GitHub contribution graph (instead of being too busy outside of school building other people's proprietary stuff for way too little pay to work on my portfolio or FOSS, for which college gave me nothing of value to share). I'm trying to do my part to fight that mindset for newer devs:

LinkedIn Education and Certifications sections

Either way, I make "You Don't Know JS" required reading, and get them up to speed on FC, context, and hooks (the shock once it clicks and they realize they may not ever have to write another class component is priceless).