Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Mike Bybee

Actually a culmination of the last few weeks, but I was too busy to comment, so I'll combine them:

  • Two weeks ago: Called out some crappy sales "influencer"/"growth hacker"/"algorithm breaker" on LinkedIn for post advocating the awful strategy of cold calling people on FREAKING FACETIME, then repeatedly commenting on his own post to get more views (about how many views he was getting). Another commenter liked my comment and said, "Nice to see someone keeping it real on LinkedIn for a change." Connected with said commenter, who founded his own startup.
  • Last week: Reached out to said commenter/startup founder as he was seeking advisors. Gave him some advice, and he asked me to be an advisor.
  • This week: Continuing the discussion, heavy on the technical side, we're in talks for me to become CTO.