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Discussion on: Am I the only one seeing possibilities with React Nil?

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Mike Bybee Author • Edited on

You can already already make queries (fetch, Axios, SWR, React Query, GraphQL, etc.) from React (DOM or Native). Since React Nil allows you to run non-GUI components on the backend (or frontend I guess, but what's the point?), it can essentially follow the frontend routing to offer the appropriate expected data through an abstraction. Kind of an extension of "write once, run anywhere."

Until I have time to flesh out what I envision into my own preliminary library (and since I just started working on a new product idea and a new podcast that inspired it, that may be a while), I'm really not sure how else to explain it, unfortunately. It's such a new library that there aren't any applicable examples in the wild yet AFAIK, but the README hints at the same potential.

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Franciszek Krasnowski

After all, you intrigued me. I hope something will come out of this. So Iā€™m waiting for your React library for backend & frontend šŸ˜‰