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Discussion on: I teach the vocation of software development to hundreds of people each year, Ask Me Anything!

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Steve Brownlee Ask Me Anything

Can you name a subject from each of those where you know/feel students must be graduating with less knowledge than you'd like them to?

We do receive feedback from employers, but no statistically significant patterns have emerged yet, so it's hard to answer this question. The most important thing (but not the only thing) we teach students is how to learn on their own. The next in importance, simply because it's the most mentioned item in the feedback from the community, is SQL skills. We constantly try to find ways for students to gain more SQL practice, without detracting from their education in any other foundational skill.

What are those things you just can't teach in a bootcamp, and graduates need to figure it out themselves?

Navigating a large commercial code base. Nearly all of them need to do it when they become a professional but giving them time to do this while in a bootcamp would seriously impact their ability to learn other foundational skills.