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Discussion on: If you could start over from scratch, how would CSS work?

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Bake it into js? NOPE. Separation of concerns is great. Put layout into the a new FLOW language, style into CSS, and actions into JS or web assembly.

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Darryl D.

You can separate concerns within the same language... look at all other "ui languages". Web dev is the only arena (correct me if I'm wrong) where you need 3 languages (html/css/js) to make a modern day component.

Mobile dev has fewer issues and has separation of concerns with no problem. If you used any preprocessor (less/sass) or template lang (handlebars, etc...) you proved my point. We wouldn't need that if js was the single language. This is one of the reasons why react is so popular.

Before I come off as someone who hates css, I use to only write html/css and hated js. Times have changed.