I just launched a free step-by-step course where I build a real production Rails application.

stevepolitodesign profile image Steve Polito ・1 min read

I've gained so much from the Rails community, and I want to give back. That's why I've created a free course where I build a real production Rails application from start to finish. You see the whole process as if we are pairing.


My goal is for this course to be a resource for Junior Developers who are looking to level-up, and learn the skills necessary to become a better programmer.

This course is perfect for anyone with imposter syndrome. I don't always know how to do something. I make A LOT of mistakes. But I show you how I read the documentation and error logs to find a solution. If I can do it, so can you.


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This is just fantastic. I will definitely go through all of it and also recommend it to anyone interested in Rails and webdev in general. Already picked up a few things I had next on my list just by skimming through some of the code. Thanks again.

The fact that you also add tests during the whole course is awesome. Most tutorials I have followed always skip them, and it's definietely a plus for people to get introduced to the concept early.

May I suggest downloadable files, preferably the whole course, on the site?


Thanks for the feedback! I put everything on Youtube and Netlify just so I could avoid having to pay to host the course now. If I'm able to get direct links to the YouTube videos, I'll definitely put those on the site.


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing, you motivated me to share more and more for the next generations 🤟


I've learned that sharing your work can really help make you stand out. If nothing else, it benefits future you if you ever need to reference something you did in the past.



This is awesome! I checked out the preview video and look forward to working through the course. Thanks for putting like this together.


Thanks for the kind words! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or get stuck.


It's cool Steve and I think it will helps many junior dev. I also started course site like yours but in my language. I hope you achieve your goals 😀


Congrats. I'm actually writing a series on Python / Django and how to build small applications from it