Discussion on: What almost made you give up programming?

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Stevie Oberg

So when I started college I was kind of out of options, I wanted to become a writer and the school I wanted to go to was too expensive. So I went to the local Technical College and took some computer classes (unix, animation, and hardware), which seemed reasonable to take since I spent almost all my time on the computer, and some of that time making websites.

However, I absolutely hated it.

So much so that I swore never to go into tech and I even ended up transferring to a community college! (Though that was in part because I wanted a more well-rounded education) It wasn't until my last semester that I decided to give tech another try, so I took a web class that covered HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. That class changed me, when I transferred to a 4-year I was determined to get a degree in CS.

The rest is history! Though funnily enough Web Design is now one of my least favorite subjects of CS (still love it but I'd rather do other things) and Unix is one of my favorites!