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But we're on another scope there. Here, we're talking about simple easy cheesy css, with some extra tools, opposing to a tool for dinamically creating and modifying css. I agree it's all within the business requirements, but usually with sass you dont need to learn javascript at all to create complex styling solutions.

A combination of JS and CSS is a bad replacement for SCSS - it involves JavaScript. SCSS generates pure CSS on the other end...

Man, to compile sass you need ruby-sass or node-sass (js) or some external shitty tool like prepros or codekit. This is a no-sense even because sass is not css at all since it use his own syntax. With postcss you can write standard css and get... css. And don’t forget that if you are using autoprefixer (and you should) you are already using postcss.

if you are using autoprefixer (and you should)

I'm not. I write standard-compliant CSS.

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