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How many years of experience you had when you joined Microsoft? What was the first project you worked on there? And the most difficult one?


I had been a full-time developer for ~5 years at the point I joined Microsoft. I had primarily worked in PHP, ColdFusion (ugh!) and Java, building a few different custom CMS’ (everyone wanted to build these at the time), e-commerce/retail sites, and a lot of government/corporate intranets. I was really interested in the .NET ecosystem at the time, and so working at Microsoft seemed like a decent way to get more involved 😁

The first project I worked on was ASP.NET MVC (it had just released its first beta when I joined), which was really fun and I got to work with some amazing people.

As far as which project was the most difficult, I’d have to say building the performance profilers for Visual Studio and the IE dev tools. I had to learn a massive amount of things in order to really embrace the space (e.g. how browsers work, GPU/rendering stacks, memory and networking) and actually create something useful. I think we did a good job, and helped a bunch of developers optimize their apps, but performance is really hard!

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