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Discussion on: How To Deploy a Full-Stack MERN App with Heroku/Netlify

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Nick Author • Edited on

So far checking out your code I noticed a couple things. To be clear Heroku is where you would've deployed your server. So in your frontend is where any axios request you're making should go to your Heroku URL which I gather is

I'm just going to try and list out some of the potential issues / confusions could be.

  • In App.js you do not have a component specified for your root url. <Route path='/' /> should have a component property attached. Not sure if you wanted something for that Route, if not, you could remove that.

  • Looking at your Network request it's trying to request your Netlify URL for the /files/sync path and that is a path you have defined in your backend/server.js not your frontend. I'm not exactly sure why that is honestly looking at your code nut it's trying to request instead of

  • One big thing in server.js is you need to remove the base URL from all of your routes. needs to be deleted. Your server code lives at that url so you don't have to specify that part. Only specify the rest of the path - so your paths should just be /, /files/:id, /files/sync, /files/:id/update, and so on. Otherwise your request is going to which your server will not pickup.

  • In your frontend inside of File.jsx in your methods CreateFile and deleteFile you history.push() to your server (Heroku) URL. With react-router's history you should be pushing to valid client-side routes or essentially different URLs you'd see in the browser address bar.

  • In File.jsx, the createAndDownloadPdf method, you history.push('/files') and also your Delete button at the bottom of the file Links to={'/files'}. You don't have a Route defined in App.js nor any conditional renders dependent on the URL path being /files.

I'm not sure if this was working prior to deployment to Heroku/Netlify but it seems there are a few places where you may have gotten mixed up on making axios requests to your server for a task to be performed and defining your client-side routes to display certain data.

First thing I would try if it was working prior is to absolutely change the base URLs in your server.js, that is definitely one part of the bigger issue.

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I am really very grateful to you for the time spent on "consulting" me :) many thanks for the detailed description of the problems in my code, I will fix them. yes, on localhost this service turned out to be completely working, but I will definitely try to make it work on the hosting

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Nick Author

Absolutely, no problem. A second set of eyes can be a life-saver sometimes! Throw an update in here if it gets working or not and I can try to dig a little deeper. Good luck!