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Discussion on: Why many Unix structs have prefixes

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Nikola Stojaković

This is very interesting. Who knows how many things we take for granted today are actually relics of the past. One of the most popular is 80 characters limit per line which in fact is pretty useful today (even though displays are much bigger now) - it makes reading the code much easier and you can set two editors side by side.

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Paul J. Lucas Author

I also still limit my lines to 80 characters. Over the years, I've also gradually reduced my spaces-per-indent. Waaaay back, I started out at parity (8 spaces, or a hard tab, per indent); at some point, I reduced that (4 spaces per indent); and finally again maybe a decade ago (2 spaces per indent). The obvious advantage is fewer lines that have to be wrapped so they still fit ≤ 80 characters. Some might think 2 is too few, but it's still quite readable, IMHO.