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Discussion on: Is Angular dead ?

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I work with AngularJS and many possibilities I was completely satisfied )
But a new version has been released - Angular. He was incopatioble with previous one... (

I made one application on an angular and was somewhat disappointed

And I thought: why do I need an Angular?

  • others frameworks do the same things as an Angular
  • others frameworks produce compact builds
  • no overhead at the start of a web application
  • infrastructure npm and JS allows you to use any convenient libraries and techniques

Angulyar was not needed...
I see no reason to use an angular. it does not give advantages, but creates problems - the size of the bundle and the download speed

In the end, I switched to using React and Vue (preferable).

more one small thing:
the number of users of messenger "Telegram" channels in Russia:

  • React 6108 44%
  • Vue.Js 4163 30%
  • Angular 3564 25%

I think Angulyar breaks the main modern trend in the development of web applications - speed and compactness. And this is bad. IMHO

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Hugo Torzuoli Author

Thanks for this large comment. I had to work with AngularJS for almost 2 years, but didn't really liked it..

Today I'm working with Angular, and I'm very happy to have this kind of architecture. But yeah I agree, speed, compactness, reload time are slooooow...