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I think Frontend Web Developer Resume is the same as any other Developer Resume.

Usually, you divide resume into sections, here is an example used by me:

  1. Contact data
    • name
    • email
    • phone number
    • Linkedin/Github profile
  2. Personal Profile (Write something about you. What you like about programming, hobbies ...)
  3. Education (descendent order by time):
    • 2017-2019: Uni, Bachelor of Computer Science
    • 2015-2017: College, Computer Science
  4. Experience (descendent order by time):

    • Web app for Uni course: My team was aggregating a public gov API and my task was the website that displays external debt of Country in a friendly way. I created a small VueJS app with FLUX Architecture. | Link to Github repo
    • Chatbot: Using Facebook API I created a chatbot that message uni schedule, every evening and morning. I used NodeJS and ... | Link to Github repo
    • mOcKiNgCaSe: npm package that converts a string to mOcKiNgCaSe. Contribution: Added "onlyLetters" option. | Link to Github repo
  5. Skills

    • Development: JavaScript/TypeScript(proficient), Version control/GIT(proficient), HTML/CSS(working knowledge), Python(basic knowledge)
    • Languages: Romanian(native), English(fluent), Russian(fluent), German(beginner)

Thanks Dragos. Is photo necessary on resume?


If you have a good photo (taken by a photographer) that will make your CV look better then put it. Otherwise don't.

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